Looking forward: future plans for Chasing The Derby

With the hangover of the Kentucky Derby finally subsiding, I’ve been thinking of this site and where to go next.  First and foremost, I’ve decided to focus only on the Derby, a decision based more on sanity and time than anything else.  After studying the landscape of this past Derby trail I’ve laid out some rough ideas.

Seeing as three Derby starters began their careers as early as May 2010 and another six in June and July, I’ve decided it’s worth keeping an eye on things year-round.

Updates will be more sporadic, but I plan on monitoring promising two-year-old maiden breakers, notable allowance wins, and of course the all important graded stakes races, which begin in just seven weeks at the track it all ended.

I also plan on adding historical Derby data (with video) and will of course stay up-to-date on any changes to the trail schedule or Derby itself.  There is already talk of allowing an “also-eligible” list which would help avoid future Uncle Mo/Sway Away controversies.

The updates will become much more frequent around the Breeders Cup Juvenile and eventually return to daily once the trail heats up in January 2012.

So, be sure to check back often and thanks for visiting,

Chasing The Derby