Creative Cause- CD- 4F- 47:80- B- 3/58
Liaison- CD- 5F- 1.00:80- B- 7/28
Mark Valeski- CD- 5F- 1.00:20- B- 1/28
Sabercat- CD- 4F- 48:40- B- 10/58
Daddy Nose Best CD- 4F- 49:40- B- 29/58

Workout Reports
Mark Valeski: Courier Journal /
Sabercat and Daddy Nose Best: Bloodhorse / DRF
Liaison: Bloodhorse /
Creative Cause: Bloodhorse /

Kentucky Derby News and Opinion
Thomas on horses (Kentucky Confidential)
The jockey factor (Kentucky Confidential)
Thundering home (Kentucky Confidential)