Uncle Mo gets 89 Beyer from Saturday's work in company// Premier Pegasus wakes up the West// Tampa Bay stunner and bad ride// Future Pool closes with Uncle Mo favored over the field

Uncle Mo winning The Timely Writer 3/12/11                                                                                           

Sorry for the missed feed yesterday. We’ll make this a double// Uncle Mo gets a low 89 Beyer from his workout in The Timely Writer Stakes.  Probably not too concerning see as he was never asked.  Looks like The Wood is still the next target, despite some rumblings of a switch to the Florida Derby// Premier Pegasus put in the performance of the day yesterday.  He earned a 96 Beyer.  Some will analyze the also-rans and make improvement cases for Jaycito and Bench Points, but they were nowhere close and benefitted from the same pace scenario// For the Tampa Bay Derby, I keep thinking of Brethren’s bad ride more than anything else.  Dominguez admits it (kind of)// Mystery surrounds Gourmet Dinner moving his barn to Ocala// Tons of works the past 2 days, all outlined below. The most interesting has to be The Factor going further than he’s ever gone// Future Wager Pool #2 closed with Mo favored over the field.   “The Field” does include Premier Pegasus// You’ll notice photographs will pop up on the site from time to time. Those are made possible by so please check their site out for race photos and memorabilia. Links will always be on the right column.

San Felipe Stakes (G2) winner: Premier Pegasus chart/ video
Tampa Bay Derby (G2) winner: Watch Me Go chart/ video
Timely Writer Stakes winner: Uncle Mo chart/ video

·       Uncle Mo wins Timely Writer (NY Times) (DRF) (Bloodhorse) (Thoroughbred Times) (Brisnet) (Miami Herald) (Bloomberg) (Sun Sentinel)
·       Watch Me Go wins Tampa Bay Derby (DRF) (Bloodhorse) (Brisnet) (Thoroughbred Times) (Tampa Bay Online) (AP)
·       Premier Pegasus wins San Felipe (DRF) (Bloodhorse) (Thoroughbred Times) (Brisnet) (AP)
·       Uncle Mo in good shape day after and will head to Wood (Thoroughbred Times)
·       Premier Pegasus in good shape day after (Downey Profile)
·       The Factor and Sway away work mile for Rebel (Bloodhorse) (DRF)
·       J P’s Gusto finds his target in Rebel drill (Bloodhorse) (Brisnet)
·       Glint to stretch out in Rebel (Downey Profile)
·       My winter vacation (Selling the Sunland Derby) (Sure Bet Racing News)

·       Santiva: PMM- 5F- 1.02:00- B- 2/19
·       Mucho Macho Man: GP- 5F- 1.00:80 B- 7/34
·       Flashpoint: GP- 4F- 48:30- B- 9/53
·       Caleb's Posse: OP- 5F- 1.01:40- B- 4/24
·       Manicero: CRC- 3F- 36:40- B- 4/56
·       Bind: FG- 5F- 1.01:00- B- 8/33
·       The Factor: SA- 6F- 1.12:20- H- 1/12
·       Sway Away: SA- 7F- 1.23:60- H- 1/3
·       Indian Winter: SA- 5F- 59:80- H- 2/54
·       Indian Winter: SA- 5F- 1.00:60- H- 33/68
·       J P's Gusto: OP- 5F- 59:40- B- 1/44
·       Soldat: PMM- 4F- 48:90- B- 8/51
·       Cal Nation: PMM- 5F- 1.00:90- B- 5/21
·       Sweet Ducky: PMM- 6F- 1.13:90- B- 1/1
·       Dance City: PMM- 5F- 1.00:90- B- 5/21
·       Madman Diaries: GP- 4F- 46:80- H- 1/44