Comma To The Top ready for more artificial action, Haskin takes aim at J P, six contenders work and more

Peter Miller explains why he’s keeping Comma To The Top on the fake stuff, which is bad for us Derby handicappers.  If you’ve followed the daily trail news recently it’s not hard to figure out who Steve Haskin is aiming his latest piece at.  It will be interesting if team J P’s Gusto 2.0 can prove him wrong.


·       After some thought and Haskin throwing in a Curlin maiden date reference, Cal Nation will be added to the contender list.
·       The “Upcoming” page will continue to be updated. Entries for 2 big stakes will be posted tomorrow and pp’s will follow when available.
·       For those interested in Fantasy leagues, WinStar just re-launched the Fantasy Derby for 2011. Details.

·       Wilkinson: FG- 4F- 48:20- B- 2/27
·       Machen: FG- 4F- 49:80- B- 17/27
·       Indian Winter: SA- 6F- 1.13:00- H- 1/7
·       The Factor: HOL- 4F- 48:20- H- 6/17
·       Alternation: OP- 6F- 1.15:20- B- 1/2 (Muddy)
·       Caleb's Posse: OP- 6F- 1.16:00- B- 2/2 (Muddy)