Not everyone sold on Soldat. To Honor got what he needed? Gotham field comes into focus. Rankings shuffled. Blazing works out West.

Joe Drape at the New York Times expounds on Bill Mott’s old-school training technique with To Honor and Serve and why we shouldn’t be concerned with his third place finish.  However, even Mott admits he wasn’t expecting To Honor to come up that short, which makes the Florida Derby all the more interesting//  Speaking of the Florida Derby, it seems to be the next spot for Soldat, To Honor, and Sweet Ducky while Gourmet Dinner could be headed to the easier West division//Steve Haskin believes Soldat’s action better on turf// Several new rankings released with a lot more variance on who’s #2// Blazing works out West// Gotham up next…
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·       Wilkinson: FG- 4F- 51:40- B- 84/88
·       Justin Phillip: FG- 4F- 50:20- B- 61/88
·       Machen: FG- 4F- 50:60- B- 66/88
·       Rocking Out: GP- 4F- 50:30 B- 14/22
·       Comma to the Top: HOL- 5F- 58:80- B- 2/37
·       Jaycito: SA 5F- 58:60- H- 3/53
·       Silver Medallion: SA- 5F- 1.01:40- B- 40/53
·       Awesome Patriot: SA- 6F- 1.13:20- H- 5/11

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·       Gotham Possibles: Nacho Saint, Norman Asbjornson, Preachintothedevil, Rescind the Trade, Stay Thirsty, and Toby's Corner, Dawly, Monzon, Starship Caesar
·       Jaycito was stunning in 110.2, got 58.3 officially, began some 12 lengths behind Awesome Patriot. Finished like a freight train. Awesome. (@DeJulio Twitter)