King Mo steps it up, bullets already flying for the El Camino, and more

CTD Daily Feed Summary:
Uncle Mo works nicely along with a slew of others including the likely two favorites for the Camino Real.  Nominations and some confirmations for the Camino. A coy response on Twinspired’s next race plans.

·       Stories on Uncle Mo and other Pletcher works (Bloodhorse) and (DRF)
·       Reports on the WEBN stakes and next race plans for Twinspired (Bloodhorse) (DRF)
·       Old News: more details on the recent work by Decisive Moment and the odd transfer of J P’s Gusto

·       Yesterday’s Whirlaway S. from Bloodhorse
·       Yesterday’s WEBN S. from Bloodhorse

·       Uncle Mo- PMM- 4F- 49:60- B- 16/35
·       Comma to the Top: HOL- 5F- 59:40-  H- 1/28
·       Positive Response: GG- 5F- 59:80 H- 1/66
·       Brethren: PMM- 5F- 1.01:00- B- 4/22
·       Stay Thirsty: PMM- 4F- 49:60 B- 16/35
·       Dance City: PMM- 4F- 50:25- B- 28/35
·       Travelin Man: PMM- 4F- 49:00- B- 5/35