Uncle Mo and Stay Thirsty go toe-to-toe. Beyer numbers released. Next race plans announced for several.

Uncle Mo and Stay Thirsty worked in tandem and both fired bullets.  Once again Stay Thirsty continues to match or one-up Mo// Beyer numbers were released: Soldat 96, Flashpoint 102. A little surprised Soldat didn’t break 100, especially considering the competition and the final time was two seconds faster than the earlier allowance.  I do realize there’s a lot more that goes into it// I thought (and read) more about To Honor and Serve.  It’s pretty simple: He ran like a horse that hasn’t raced since November and only had six 5 furlong workouts.  Why should I have expected another romp? Can’t wait for the next.

·       Uncle Mo, Stay Thirsty work (DRF) (Bloodhorse) (Thoroughbred Times)
·       Soldat moving on to Florida Derby (Bloodhorse) (Brisnet)
·       Crossbow may not go in Gotham (Downey Profile)
·       Rogue Romance likely for Louisiana Derby (Bloodhorse)

Graded Earnings:
·       Updated Graded Earnings list here

·       The new CTD Top 5

·       Positive Response: GG- 4F- 48:00- H- 5/104
·       Monzon: SF- 4F- 48:40- B-1/2
·       Sweet Ducky: PMM- 6F- 1.13:20- B- 1/1
·       Brethren: PMM- 4F- 49:40- B- 12/48
·       Dance City: PMM- 4F- 49:60- B- 20/48
·       Cal Nation: PMM- 5F- 1.02:40- B- 16/27
·       Stay Thirsty: PMM- 5F- 1.00:60 B- 1/27
·       Uncle Mo: PMM- 5F- 1.00:60 B- 1/27